Form filling

Add-On Form filling


Author: Olivier
License: FPDF


This script allows to merge data into a PDF form. Given a template PDF with text fields, it's possible to inject values in two different ways:
  • from a PHP array
  • from an FDF file
The resulting document is produced by the Output() method, which works the same as for FPDF.

Note: if your template PDF is not compatible with this script, you can process it with PDFtk this way:

pdftk modele.pdf output modele2.pdf

Then try again with modele2.pdf.

Note: an improved version of this script (with checkbox support) is available here.


This example shows how to merge data from an array:

  Sample using a PHP array


$fields = array(
    'name'    => 'My name', 
    'address' => 'My address', 
    'city'    => 'My city', 
    'phone'   => 'My phone number'

$pdf = new FPDM('template.pdf');
$pdf->Load($fields, false); // second parameter: false if field values are in ISO-8859-1, true if UTF-8
View the result here.