Erweiterungen für FPDF


This script allows to add new fonts to FPDF


This script allows to attach files to the PDF


This script implements EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes


This extension adds bookmark support


This class will print a USA calendar that is easy to extend for other countries


This script allows to define a clipping area


This script shows how to use the scripts Rotations and Circles to draw an analog clock

CMYK Support

This extension allows to use SetDrawColor(), SetFillColor() and SetTextColor() with Gray, RGB or...


This script allows to concatenate PDF files that were produced by FPDF


Create a cube and rotate it around the x, y, z axes


This extension allows to set a dash pattern and draw dashed lines or rectangles


This script allows to generate pie charts and bar diagrams

Double-sided pages

This script allows to use a different margin for odd and even pages, like in a book


This script allows to embed vector-based Adobe Illustrator (AI) or AI compatible EPS files

Example with MySQL

This is an example script showing how to output a product table from a Mysql database

Example with PostgreSQL

This is a simple script example which issues a query to a PostgreSQL database and builds a table

Fancy Row

This script extends the Row() function from the script Table with MultiCells

Fit text to cell

This method is an extension of Cell() allowing to output text with either character spacing or...

Flowing block

This script allows writing text in a block in much the same way the Write function works

Font dump

This script shows how to print all the characters of a font in a column layout

Form filling

This script allows to merge data into a PDF form

Geometric figures

This extension allows to draw lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons and curves with line style


Paints linear and radial gradients as well as multi-color gradients (coons patch meshes) inside a...


This extension adds grid support to help with aligning elements while developing reports

HTML colors

This script allows you to use colors using the HTML convention

HTML table

This script adds table support to the WriteHTML() method

i25 barcodes

This script implements Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes

Indented MultiCell

This is an adaptation of the MultiCell() method which adds the possibility to indent the first line


This class prints an index from the created bookmarks


This script shows an example of invoice or estimate


This class allows to print labels easily in any format


This script allows to define layers in the PDF

Line graph

This script allows to create line-based charts

Memory optimisation

This modification compresses each page as soon as it is finished, reducing the overall memory usage

Memory optimization

This extension saves the pages to the destination file as soon as they are finished, which solves...

MultiCell with bullet

This method allows to output a MultiCell with a bullet in front of the first line

MultiCell with bullets

This script allows to output a bulleted list with a single call to MultiCellBltArray()

MultiCell with maxline

Just a small modification of the original MultiCell function which allows specifying a maxline...

MySQL report

This script is a variation on Table with multi-page columns

Named destinations

This extension allows to use and define named destinations in a PDF document

Page groups

This script allows to do page numbering inside groups


This script allows to draw polygons

POSTNET barcodes

This is an extension for printing U.S. Postal Service POSTNET barcodes in PDF


This script allows to protect the PDF

Reference Index

This script allows to display an index with a list of references on several columns


This script allows to perform a rotation around a given center


This script allows to draw the sector of a circle

Shadow Cell

This extension allows to add a shadow effect to the text contained in a cell

Small caps

This script allows to write text with small caps


This script draws a star


This method prints text from the current position in the same way as Write()

Table of contents

This script allows to generate and insert a table of contents anywhere in the document

Table with MySQL

This class allows to output a table whose content comes from a MySQL query

Text rotations

This extension allows to print rotated and sheared (i.e. distorted like in italic) text


This class is a modified version of FPDF that adds UTF-8 support

Thai support

This extension fixes the positioning of some Thai diacritical marks


Performs the following 2D transformations: scaling, mirroring, translation, rotation and skewing


This extension allows to draw a tree from an array structure


This script allows to restrict the rendering of some elements to screen or printout


Simple script showing how to use the PDF_Rotate class to display a watermark in the background

WMF support

This script allows a Windows Metafile (WMF) image to be imported into the PDF

Write HTML

This is an enhancement of the WriteHTML() method from tutorial 6

Write HTML 2

This is an enhancement of the WriteHTML() method from tutorial 6

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