Dynamic form with JavaScript

This script allows to generate forms dynamically when the document opens


Author: Denis Van Nuffelen
License: FPDF


This script allows to generate forms dynamically when the document opens by the means of some JavaScript code (it requires the JavaScript support extension).

Caution: the generated PDF works only with Acrobat Reader 5.1.

It is possible to create text fields, combo boxes, check boxes and buttons. Fields are created at the current position and are given a name. This name allows to manipulate them via JavaScript in order to perform some validation for instance.
Upon field creation, an associative array can be passed to set a number of properties, among which:

TextColor (black by default)
FillColor (transparent by default)
BorderColor (transparent by default)
BorderStyle (solid, dashed, beveled, inset or underline; solid by default)

Colors can be chosen in the following list (case sensitive):

black white red green blue cyan magenta yellow dkGray gray ltGray

or be in the form #RRGGBB.

Methods to create fields are the following:

TextField(string name, float w, float h [, array prop])

name: field name.
w: width.
h: height.
prop: properties. The value property allows to set the initial value. The multiline property allows to define the field as multiline.

ComboBox(string name, float w, float h, array values [, array prop])

name: combobox name.
w: width.
h: height.
values: array containing the list of values.
prop: properties.

CheckBox(string name, float w [, boolean checked [, array prop]])

name: checkbox name.
w: width.
checked: boolean defining the initial state (false by default).
prop: properties.

Button(string name, float w, float h, string caption, string action [, array prop])

name: button name.
w: width.
h: height.
caption: caption.
action: action triggered by the button (JavaScript code).
prop: properties.

The JavaScript is being generated and added to the script property of the objet each time you call one of these methods.



class JS_Form extends PDF_Javascript
var $script='';

function _JScolor($color)
    static $aColors=array('transparent', 'black', 'white', 'red', 'green', 'blue', 'cyan', 'magenta',
        'yellow', 'dkGray', 'gray', 'ltGray');

    if(substr($color, 0, 1)=='#')
        return sprintf("['RGB', %.3f, %.3f, %.3f]",  hexdec(substr($color, 1, 2))/255,
            hexdec(substr($color, 3, 2))/255,  hexdec(substr($color, 5, 2))/255);
    if(!in_array($color, $aColors))
        $this->Error('Invalid color: '.$color);
    return 'color.'.$color;

function _addfield($type, $name, $x, $y, $w, $h, $prop)
    $this->script.=sprintf("f=addField('%s', '%s', %d, [%.2f, %.2f, %.2f, %.2f]);",
        $name, $type, $this->PageNo()-1, $x*$k, ($this->h-$y)*$k+1, ($x+$w)*$k, ($this->h-$y-$h)*$k+1);

function TextField($name, $w, $h, $prop=array())
    $this->_addfield('text', $name, $this->x, $this->y, $w, $h, $prop);
    if(isset($prop['multiline']) and $prop['multiline'])

function ComboBox($name, $w, $h, $values, $prop=array())
    $this->_addfield('combobox', $name, $this->x, $this->y, $w, $h, $prop);
    foreach($values as $value)
        $s.="'".addslashes($value)."', ";
    $this->script.='f.setItems(['.substr($s, 0, -1).']);';

function CheckBox($name, $w, $checked=false, $prop=array())
    $prop['value']=($checked ? 'Yes' : 'Off');
    $this->_addfield('checkbox', $name, $this->x, $this->y, $w, $w, $prop);

function Button($name, $w, $h, $caption, $action, $prop=array())
    $this->_addfield('button', $name, $this->x, $this->y, $w, $h, $prop);
    $this->script.="f.setAction('MouseUp', '".addslashes($action)."');";


Here is an example which creates a form with the different possible field types. When one clicks on the button, the mandatory fields are checked, and, if validation passes, the page is printed.

define('FPDF_FONTPATH', 'font/');

$pdf=new JS_Form();

$pdf->SetFont('Arial', 'U', 16);
$pdf->Cell(0, 5, 'Subscription form', 0, 1, 'C');
$pdf->SetFont('', '', 12);
//First name
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'First name:');
$pdf->TextField('firstname', 50, 5, array('BorderColor'=>'ltGray'));
//Last name
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'Last name:');
$pdf->TextField('lastname', 50, 5, array('BorderColor'=>'ltGray'));
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'Gender:');
$pdf->ComboBox('gender', 10, 5, array('', 'M', 'F'), array('BorderColor'=>'ltGray'));
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'Address:');
$pdf->TextField('address', 60, 18, array('multiline'=>true, 'BorderColor'=>'ltGray'));
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'E-mail:');
$pdf->TextField('email', 50, 5, array('BorderColor'=>'ltGray'));
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'Receive our', 0, 1);
$pdf->Cell(35, 5, 'newsletter:');
$pdf->CheckBox('newsletter', 5, true);
//Date of the day (determined and formatted by JS)
$pdf->Write(5, 'Date: ');
$pdf->TextField('date', 30, 5);
$pdf->script.="getField('date').value=util.printd('dd/mm/yyyy', new Date());";
$pdf->Write(5, 'Signature:');
//Button to validate and print
$pdf->Button('print', 20, 8, 'Print', 'Print()', array('TextColor'=>'yellow', 'FillColor'=>'#FF5050'));

//Form validation functions
function CheckField(name, message)
        return false;
    return true;

function Print()
    if(!CheckField('firstname', 'First name is mandatory'))
    if(!CheckField('lastname', 'Last name is mandatory'))
    if(!CheckField('gender', 'Gender is mandatory'))
    if(!CheckField('address', 'Address is mandatory'))

//We include all the generated JavaScript code into the PDF

View the result here.




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