Extraction of PDF properties

This function extracts the document properties from a PDF file


Author: Sacha MPS
License: FPDF


This function extracts the document properties from a PDF file. It works fine with documents generated by FPDF. It can also work with PDFs made from other generators, but not all.

The get_pdf_prop() function returns an associative array whose keys are the names of the properties found in the file (such as Author, CreationDate, Creator, Keywords, Producer, Subject and Title).


<?php function get_pdf_prop($file) { $f = fopen($file, 'rb'); if(!$f) return false; //Read the last 16KB fseek($f, -16384, SEEK_END); $s = fread($f, 16384); //Extract cross-reference table and trailer if(!preg_match("/xref[\r\n]+(.*)trailer(.*)startxref/s", $s, $a)) return false; $xref = $a[1]; $trailer = $a[2]; //Extract Info object number if(!preg_match('/Info ([0-9]+) /', $trailer, $a)) return false; $object_no = $a[1]; //Extract Info object offset $lines = preg_split("/[\r\n]+/", $xref); $line = $lines[1 + $object_no]; $offset = (int)$line; if($offset == 0) return false; //Read Info object fseek($f, $offset, SEEK_SET); $s = fread($f, 1024); fclose($f); //Extract properties if(!preg_match('/<<(.*)>>/Us', $s, $a)) return false; $n = preg_match_all('|/([a-z]+) ?\((.*)\)|Ui', $a[1], $a); $prop = array(); for($i=0; $i<$n; $i++) $prop[$a[1][$i]] = $a[2][$i]; return $prop; } ?>




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