This script allows to define layers in the PDF


Author: Olivier
License: FPDF


This script allows to define layers in the PDF. A layer is defined with this method:

int AddLayer(string name [, boolean isUTF8 [, boolean visible]])

name: the name of the layer
isUTF8: indicates if the name is encoded in ISO-8859-1 (false) or UTF-8 (true>). Default value: false.
visible: indicates if the layer is initially visible (default value: true>)

It returns an identifier that you can pass to BeginLayer() to start the layer. Then all the content you add to the page belongs to that layer until you call EndLayer().

The OpenLayerPane() method is also provided to force the PDF viewer to open the layer pane when the document is loaded.

Note: layers are not supported by all PDF viewers.


<?php require('fpdf.php'); class PDF_Layer extends FPDF { protected $layers = array(); protected $current_layer = -1; protected $open_layer_pane = false; function AddLayer($name, $isUTF8=false, $visible=true) { if(!$isUTF8) $name = utf8_encode($name); $this->layers[] = array('name'=>$name, 'visible'=>$visible); return count($this->layers)-1; } function BeginLayer($id) { $this->EndLayer(); $this->_out('/OC /OC'.$id.' BDC'); $this->current_layer = $id; } function EndLayer() { if($this->current_layer>=0) { $this->_out('EMC'); $this->current_layer = -1; } } function OpenLayerPane() { $this->open_layer_pane = true; } function _endpage() { $this->EndLayer(); parent::_endpage(); } function _enddoc() { if($this->PDFVersion<'1.5') $this->PDFVersion='1.5'; parent::_enddoc(); } function _putlayers() { foreach($this->layers as $id=>$layer) { $this->_newobj(); $this->layers[$id]['n'] = $this->n; $this->_put('<</Type /OCG /Name '.$this->_textstring($layer['name']).'>>'); $this->_put('endobj'); } } function _putresources() { $this->_putlayers(); parent::_putresources(); } function _putresourcedict() { parent::_putresourcedict(); $this->_put('/Properties <<'); foreach($this->layers as $id=>$layer) $this->_put('/OC'.$id.' '.$layer['n'].' 0 R'); $this->_put('>>'); } function _putcatalog() { parent::_putcatalog(); $l = ''; $l_off = ''; foreach($this->layers as $layer) { $l .= $layer['n'].' 0 R '; if(!$layer['visible']) $l_off .= $layer['n'].' 0 R '; } $this->_put("/OCProperties <</OCGs [$l] /D <</OFF [$l_off] /Order [$l]>>>>"); if($this->open_layer_pane) $this->_put('/PageMode /UseOC'); } } ?>


<?php require('layer.php'); $pdf = new PDF_Layer(); // Define layers $l1 = $pdf->AddLayer('Layer 1'); $l2 = $pdf->AddLayer('Layer 2'); // Open layer pane in PDF viewer $pdf->OpenLayerPane(); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->SetFont('Arial', '', 15); $pdf->Write(8, "This line doesn't belong to any layer.\n"); // First layer $pdf->BeginLayer($l1); $pdf->Write(8, "This line belongs to Layer 1.\n"); $pdf->EndLayer(); // Second layer $pdf->BeginLayer($l2); $pdf->Write(8, "This line belongs to Layer 2.\n"); $pdf->EndLayer(); $pdf->Output(); ?>
View the result here.



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