Reference Index

This script allows to display an index with a list of references on several columns


Author: Pierre-André Vullioud
License: FPDF


This script allows to display an index with a list of references on several columns.

Reference($txt): adds a reference to the current page.

CreateReference($NbCol): displays the reference list on several columns.


<?php require('fpdf.php'); class PDF_Ref extends FPDF { var $RefActive=false; //Flag indicating that the index is being processed var $ChangePage=false; //Flag indicating that a page break has occurred var $Reference=array(); //Array containing the references var $col=0; //Current column number var $NbCol; //Total number of columns var $y0; //Top ordinate of columns function Header() { if($this->RefActive) { //Title of index pages $this->SetFont('Arial', '', 15); $this->Cell(0, 5, 'Index', 0, 1, 'C'); $this->Ln(); } } function Reference($txt) { $Present=0; $size=sizeof($this->Reference); //Search the reference in the array for ($i=0;$i<$size;$i++){ if ($this->Reference[$i]['t']==$txt){ $Present=1; $this->Reference[$i]['p'].=', '.$this->PageNo(); } } //If not found, add it if ($Present==0) $this->Reference[]=array('t'=>$txt, 'p'=>$this->PageNo()); } function CreateReference($NbCol) { //Initialization $this->RefActive=true; $this->SetFontSize(8); //New page $this->AddPage(); //Save the ordinate $this->y0=$this->GetY(); $this->NbCol=$NbCol; $size=sizeof($this->Reference); $PageWidth=$this->w-$this->lMargin-$this->rMargin; for ($i=0;$i<$size;$i++){ //Handles page break and new position if ($this->ChangePage) { $this->ChangePage=false; $this->y0=$this->GetY()-$this->FontSize-1; } //LibellLabel $str=$this->Reference[$i]['t']; $strsize=$this->GetStringWidth($str); $this->Cell($strsize+2, $this->FontSize+2, $str, 0, 0, 'R'); //Dots //Computes the widths $ColWidth = ($PageWidth/$NbCol)-2; $w=$ColWidth-$this->GetStringWidth($this->Reference[$i]['p'])-($strsize+4); if ($w<15) $w=15; $nb=$w/$this->GetStringWidth('.'); $dots=str_repeat('.', $nb-2); $this->Cell($w-2, $this->FontSize+2, $dots, 0, 0, 'L'); //Page number $Largeur=$ColWidth-$strsize-$w; $this->Cell($Largeur, $this->FontSize+2, $this->Reference[$i]['p'], 0, 1, 'R'); } $this->RefActive=false; } function SetCol($col) { //Set position on a column $this->col=$col; $x=$this->rMargin+$col*($this->w-$this->rMargin-$this->rMargin)/$this->NbCol; $this->SetLeftMargin($x); $this->SetX($x); } function AcceptPageBreak() { if ($this->RefActive) { if($this->col<$this->NbCol-1) { //Go to the next column $this->SetCol($this->col+1); $this->SetY($this->y0); //Stay on the page return false; } else { //Go back to the first column $this->SetCol(0); $this->ChangePage=true; //Page break return true; } } else { return true; } } } ?>


<?php require('ref_index.php'); //Sort function for references //To be defined by the user to achieve desired results //This function is case insensitive function cmp($a, $b) { return strnatcmp(strtolower($a['t']), strtolower($b['t'])); } $pdf=new PDF_Ref(); $pdf->SetFont('Arial', '', 15); //Page 1 $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->Cell(0, 5, 'Page 1', 0, 1, 'C'); $pdf->Reference('A'); $pdf->Reference('B'); $pdf->Reference('R'); //Page 2 $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->Cell(0, 5, 'Page 2', 0, 1, 'C'); $pdf->Reference('R'); $pdf->Reference('a'); $pdf->Reference('A'); $pdf->Reference('g'); $pdf->Reference('G'); $pdf->Reference('N'); for ($i=1;$i<=200;$i++) $pdf->Reference('Ref'.$i); //Alphabetic sort of the references usort($pdf->Reference, 'cmp'); //Creation of index $pdf->CreateReference(4); $pdf->Output(); ?>
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