Draws a framed text box


Author: Darren Gates & Adrian Tufa
License: FPDF


The drawTextBox() function draws a string within a rectangle defined by the function parameters. Any text that does not fit within the rectangle's boundaries is truncated. One may specify vertical and horizontal alignment for the text within the box, and whether or not to surround the box with a border.

drawTextBox(string strText, float w, float h [, string align [, string valign [, boolean border]]])
  • strText: the string to print
  • w: width of the box
  • h: height of the box
  • align: horizontal alignment (L, C, R or J). Default value: L
  • valign: T, M or B). Default value: T
  • border: whether to draw the border of the box. Default value: true>


<?php require('fpdf.php'); class PDF_TextBox extends FPDF { /** * Draws text within a box defined by width = w, height = h, and aligns * the text vertically within the box ($valign = M/B/T for middle, bottom, or top) * Also, aligns the text horizontally ($align = L/C/R/J for left, centered, right or justified) * drawTextBox uses drawRows * * This function is provided by TUFaT.com */ function drawTextBox($strText, $w, $h, $align='L', $valign='T', $border=true) { $xi=$this->GetX(); $yi=$this->GetY(); $hrow=$this->FontSize; $textrows=$this->drawRows($w, $hrow, $strText, 0, $align, 0, 0, 0); $maxrows=floor($h/$this->FontSize); $rows=min($textrows, $maxrows); $dy=0; if (strtoupper($valign)=='M') $dy=($h-$rows*$this->FontSize)/2; if (strtoupper($valign)=='B') $dy=$h-$rows*$this->FontSize; $this->SetY($yi+$dy); $this->SetX($xi); $this->drawRows($w, $hrow, $strText, 0, $align, false, $rows, 1); if ($border) $this->Rect($xi, $yi, $w, $h); } function drawRows($w, $h, $txt, $border=0, $align='J', $fill=false, $maxline=0, $prn=0) { $cw=&$this->CurrentFont['cw']; if($w==0) $w=$this->w-$this->rMargin-$this->x; $wmax=($w-2*$this->cMargin)*1000/$this->FontSize; $s=str_replace("\r", '', $txt); $nb=strlen($s); if($nb>0 && $s[$nb-1]=="\n") $nb--; $b=0; if($border) { if($border==1) { $border='LTRB'; $b='LRT'; $b2='LR'; } else { $b2=''; if(is_int(strpos($border, 'L'))) $b2.='L'; if(is_int(strpos($border, 'R'))) $b2.='R'; $b=is_int(strpos($border, 'T')) ? $b2.'T' : $b2; } } $sep=-1; $i=0; $j=0; $l=0; $ns=0; $nl=1; while($i<$nb) { //Get next character $c=$s[$i]; if($c=="\n") { //Explicit line break if($this->ws>0) { $this->ws=0; if ($prn==1) $this->_out('0 Tw'); } if ($prn==1) { $this->Cell($w, $h, substr($s, $j, $i-$j), $b, 2, $align, $fill); } $i++; $sep=-1; $j=$i; $l=0; $ns=0; $nl++; if($border && $nl==2) $b=$b2; if ( $maxline && $nl > $maxline ) return substr($s, $i); continue; } if($c==' ') { $sep=$i; $ls=$l; $ns++; } $l+=$cw[$c]; if($l>$wmax) { //Automatic line break if($sep==-1) { if($i==$j) $i++; if($this->ws>0) { $this->ws=0; if ($prn==1) $this->_out('0 Tw'); } if ($prn==1) { $this->Cell($w, $h, substr($s, $j, $i-$j), $b, 2, $align, $fill); } } else { if($align=='J') { $this->ws=($ns>1) ? ($wmax-$ls)/1000*$this->FontSize/($ns-1) : 0; if ($prn==1) $this->_out(sprintf('%.3F Tw', $this->ws*$this->k)); } if ($prn==1){ $this->Cell($w, $h, substr($s, $j, $sep-$j), $b, 2, $align, $fill); } $i=$sep+1; } $sep=-1; $j=$i; $l=0; $ns=0; $nl++; if($border && $nl==2) $b=$b2; if ( $maxline && $nl > $maxline ) return substr($s, $i); } else $i++; } //Last chunk if($this->ws>0) { $this->ws=0; if ($prn==1) $this->_out('0 Tw'); } if($border && is_int(strpos($border, 'B'))) $b.='B'; if ($prn==1) { $this->Cell($w, $h, substr($s, $j, $i-$j), $b, 2, $align, $fill); } $this->x=$this->lMargin; return $nl; } } ?>


<?php require('textbox.php'); $pdf=new PDF_TextBox(); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->SetFont('Arial', '', 15); $pdf->SetXY(80, 35); $pdf->drawTextBox('This sentence is centered in the middle of the box.', 50, 50, 'C', 'M'); $pdf->Output(); ?>
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