Write HTML tables

This script allows you to convert HTML tables to PDF Cells


Author: Rick van Buuren
License: FPDF


This script allows you to convert HTML tables to PDF Cells. It can parse:

<table border="border">
where border can be 1 or 0

which adds a new row

<td width="width" height="height" bgcolor="bgcolor">
where width and height are integers and bgcolor is HTML color code

It's a really simple script. Inner tags can give some problems; <td><b>big</b> small<td> won't give a proper output for example. It also doesn't place pictures in a correct way, although you can use a table to align a picture:

<table><tr><td width="200">&nbsp;</td><td width="200"><img src="..." width="..." height="..."></td></tr></table>

will align a picture in the middle.

You need to use &nbsp; when you want a blank cell.


<?php //Based on HTML2PDF by Clément Lavoillotte require('fpdf.php'); //function hex2dec //returns an associative array (keys: R, G, B) from a hex html code (e.g. #3FE5AA) function hex2dec($couleur = "#000000"){ $R = substr($couleur, 1, 2); $rouge = hexdec($R); $V = substr($couleur, 3, 2); $vert = hexdec($V); $B = substr($couleur, 5, 2); $bleu = hexdec($B); $tbl_couleur = array(); $tbl_couleur['R']=$rouge; $tbl_couleur['G']=$vert; $tbl_couleur['B']=$bleu; return $tbl_couleur; } //conversion pixel -> millimeter in 72 dpi function px2mm($px){ return $px*25.4/72; } function txtentities($html){ $trans = get_html_translation_table(HTML_ENTITIES); $trans = array_flip($trans); return strtr($html, $trans); } //////////////////////////////////// class PDF extends FPDF { //variables of html parser protected $B; protected $I; protected $U; protected $HREF; protected $fontList; protected $issetfont; protected $issetcolor; function __construct($orientation='P', $unit='mm', $format='A4') { //Call parent constructor parent::__construct($orientation, $unit, $format); //Initialization $this->B=0; $this->I=0; $this->U=0; $this->HREF=''; $this->tableborder=0; $this->tdbegin=false; $this->tdwidth=0; $this->tdheight=0; $this->tdalign="L"; $this->tdbgcolor=false; $this->oldx=0; $this->oldy=0; $this->fontlist=array("arial", "times", "courier", "helvetica", "symbol"); $this->issetfont=false; $this->issetcolor=false; } ////////////////////////////////////// //html parser function WriteHTML($html) { $html=strip_tags($html, "<b><u><i><a><img><p><br><strong><em><font><tr><blockquote><hr><td><tr><table><sup>"); //remove all unsupported tags $html=str_replace("\n", '', $html); //replace carriage returns with spaces $html=str_replace("\t", '', $html); //replace carriage returns with spaces $a=preg_split('/<(.*)>/U', $html, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE); //explode the string foreach($a as $i=>$e) { if($i%2==0) { //Text if($this->HREF) $this->PutLink($this->HREF, $e); elseif($this->tdbegin) { if(trim($e)!='' && $e!="&nbsp;") { $this->Cell($this->tdwidth, $this->tdheight, $e, $this->tableborder, '', $this->tdalign, $this->tdbgcolor); } elseif($e=="&nbsp;") { $this->Cell($this->tdwidth, $this->tdheight, '', $this->tableborder, '', $this->tdalign, $this->tdbgcolor); } } else $this->Write(5, stripslashes(txtentities($e))); } else { //Tag if($e[0]=='/') $this->CloseTag(strtoupper(substr($e, 1))); else { //Extract attributes $a2=explode(' ', $e); $tag=strtoupper(array_shift($a2)); $attr=array(); foreach($a2 as $v) { if(preg_match('/([^=]*)=["\']?([^"\']*)/', $v, $a3)) $attr[strtoupper($a3[1])]=$a3[2]; } $this->OpenTag($tag, $attr); } } } } function OpenTag($tag, $attr) { //Opening tag switch($tag){ case 'SUP': if( !empty($attr['SUP']) ) { //Set current font to 6pt $this->SetFont('', '', 6); //Start 125cm plus width of cell to the right of left margin //Superscript "1" $this->Cell(2, 2, $attr['SUP'], 0, 0, 'L'); } break; case 'TABLE': // TABLE-BEGIN if( !empty($attr['BORDER']) ) $this->tableborder=$attr['BORDER']; else $this->tableborder=0; break; case 'TR': //TR-BEGIN break; case 'TD': // TD-BEGIN if( !empty($attr['WIDTH']) ) $this->tdwidth=($attr['WIDTH']/4); else $this->tdwidth=40; // Set to your own width if you need bigger fixed cells if( !empty($attr['HEIGHT']) ) $this->tdheight=($attr['HEIGHT']/6); else $this->tdheight=6; // Set to your own height if you need bigger fixed cells if( !empty($attr['ALIGN']) ) { $align=$attr['ALIGN']; if($align=='LEFT') $this->tdalign='L'; if($align=='CENTER') $this->tdalign='C'; if($align=='RIGHT') $this->tdalign='R'; } else $this->tdalign='L'; // Set to your own if( !empty($attr['BGCOLOR']) ) { $coul=hex2dec($attr['BGCOLOR']); $this->SetFillColor($coul['R'], $coul['G'], $coul['B']); $this->tdbgcolor=true; } $this->tdbegin=true; break; case 'HR': if( !empty($attr['WIDTH']) ) $Width = $attr['WIDTH']; else $Width = $this->w - $this->lMargin-$this->rMargin; $x = $this->GetX(); $y = $this->GetY(); $this->SetLineWidth(0.2); $this->Line($x, $y, $x+$Width, $y); $this->SetLineWidth(0.2); $this->Ln(1); break; case 'STRONG': $this->SetStyle('B', true); break; case 'EM': $this->SetStyle('I', true); break; case 'B': case 'I': case 'U': $this->SetStyle($tag, true); break; case 'A': $this->HREF=$attr['HREF']; break; case 'IMG': if(isset($attr['SRC']) && (isset($attr['WIDTH']) || isset($attr['HEIGHT']))) { if(!isset($attr['WIDTH'])) $attr['WIDTH'] = 0; if(!isset($attr['HEIGHT'])) $attr['HEIGHT'] = 0; $this->Image($attr['SRC'], $this->GetX(), $this->GetY(), px2mm($attr['WIDTH']), px2mm($attr['HEIGHT'])); } break; case 'BLOCKQUOTE': case 'BR': $this->Ln(5); break; case 'P': $this->Ln(10); break; case 'FONT': if (isset($attr['COLOR']) && $attr['COLOR']!='') { $coul=hex2dec($attr['COLOR']); $this->SetTextColor($coul['R'], $coul['G'], $coul['B']); $this->issetcolor=true; } if (isset($attr['FACE']) && in_array(strtolower($attr['FACE']), $this->fontlist)) { $this->SetFont(strtolower($attr['FACE'])); $this->issetfont=true; } if (isset($attr['FACE']) && in_array(strtolower($attr['FACE']), $this->fontlist) && isset($attr['SIZE']) && $attr['SIZE']!='') { $this->SetFont(strtolower($attr['FACE']), '', $attr['SIZE']); $this->issetfont=true; } break; } } function CloseTag($tag) { //Closing tag if($tag=='SUP') { } if($tag=='TD') { // TD-END $this->tdbegin=false; $this->tdwidth=0; $this->tdheight=0; $this->tdalign="L"; $this->tdbgcolor=false; } if($tag=='TR') { // TR-END $this->Ln(); } if($tag=='TABLE') { // TABLE-END $this->tableborder=0; } if($tag=='STRONG') $tag='B'; if($tag=='EM') $tag='I'; if($tag=='B' || $tag=='I' || $tag=='U') $this->SetStyle($tag, false); if($tag=='A') $this->HREF=''; if($tag=='FONT'){ if ($this->issetcolor==true) { $this->SetTextColor(0); } if ($this->issetfont) { $this->SetFont('arial'); $this->issetfont=false; } } } function SetStyle($tag, $enable) { //Modify style and select corresponding font $this->$tag+=($enable ? 1 : -1); $style=''; foreach(array('B', 'I', 'U') as $s) { if($this->$s>0) $style.=$s; } $this->SetFont('', $style); } function PutLink($URL, $txt) { //Put a hyperlink $this->SetTextColor(0, 0, 255); $this->SetStyle('U', true); $this->Write(5, $txt, $URL); $this->SetStyle('U', false); $this->SetTextColor(0); } }//end of class ?>


<?php require('html_table.php'); $pdf=new PDF(); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->SetFont('Arial', '', 12); $html='<table border="1"> <tr> <td width="200" height="30">cell 1</td><td width="200" height="30" bgcolor="#D0D0FF">cell 2</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="200" height="30">cell 3</td><td width="200" height="30">cell 4</td> </tr> </table>'; $pdf->WriteHTML($html); $pdf->Output(); ?>
View the result here.




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