Release 1.51

erschienen am 03.08.2002

- Type1 font support.
- Added Baltic encoding.
- The class now works internally in points with the origin at the bottom in order to avoid two bugs occurring with Acrobat 5:
  * The line thickness was too large when printed under Windows 98 SE and ME.
  * TrueType fonts didn't appear immediately inside the plug-in (a substitution font was used), one had to cause a window refresh to make them show up.
- It's no longer necessary to set the decimal separator as dot to produce valid documents.
- The clickable area in a cell was always on the left independently from the text alignment.
- JPEG images in CMYK mode appeared in inverted colors.
- Transparent PNG images in grayscale or true color mode were incorrectly handled.
- Adding new fonts now works correctly even with the magic_quotes_runtime option set to on.

Download: ZIP TGZ

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