Release 1.7

erschienen am 18.06.2011

- The MakeFont utility has been completely rewritten and doesn't depend on ttf2pt1 anymore.
- Alpha channel is now supported for PNGs.
- When inserting an image, it's now possible to specify its resolution.
- Default resolution for images was increased from 72 to 96 dpi.
- When inserting a GIF image, no temporary file is used anymore if the PHP version is 5.1 or higher.
- When output buffering is enabled and the PDF is about to be sent, the buffer is now cleared if it contains only a UTF-8 BOM and/or whitespace (instead of throwing an error).
- Symbol and ZapfDingbats fonts now support underline style.
- Custom page sizes are now checked to ensure that width is smaller than height.
- Standard font files were changed to use the same format as user fonts.
- A bug in the embedding of Type1 fonts was fixed.
- A bug related to SetDisplayMode() and the current locale was fixed.
- A display issue occurring with the Adobe Reader X plug-in was fixed.
- An issue related to transparency with some versions of Adobe Reader was fixed.
- The Content-Length header was removed because it caused an issue when the HTTP server applies compression.

Download: ZIP TGZ

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