FPDI 1.2 released!

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FPDI 1.2 released!

Beitragvon Jan » Di 22. Mai 2007, 15:16

Nach einer langen Pause kamen wir endlich dazu FPDI in der Version 1.2 zu releasen. Es hat sich so einiges getan... daher hier einfach mal der Changelog:

  • cleaned up the whole code and prefixed private methods and properties with an underscore.
  • renamed various private methods to suggestive names
  • fixed fpdi_pdf_parser::getContent(): "unknown token qQ"
  • fixed fpdi_pdf_parser::getPageBox(): Correct calculation of page size
  • fixed fpdi::_closeParsers(): method call was on a copy of the parserobjects instead of reference
  • added fpdi::_enddoc(): automatically calls fpdi::_closeParsers()
  • fixed fpdi::setSourceFile so it doesn't recreates parser objects for already used pdf documents.
  • fixed [noparse]pdf_parser::pdf_find_xref ():[/noparse] works now specification recommend
  • fixed [noparse]pdf_parser::pdf_read_value():[/noparse] string-matching with escaped parenthesis is "really" fixed
  • pdf_context::reset(): catch length of zero bytes
  • removed fpdi_pdf_parser::getInfo(), fpdi_pdf_parser::deescapeString() and fpdi_pdf_parser::hex2String(): useless for FPDI
  • fpdi.php: removed superfluous constant definations
  • fixed some smal bugs... ( =& new)
  • removed FPDF 1.52 compatibility
  • changed the handling for decodefilter
  • New feature: FPDI can handle different boxes than simply the MediaBox
  • New feature: FPDI automaticaly rotation of rotated pages

Alles weitere erfahrt ihr hier: http://www.setasign.de/products/pdf-php-solutions/fpdi/

FPDI 1.4 released

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