FPDI 1.3 released

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FPDI 1.3 released

Beitragvon Jan » Mo 9. Mär 2009, 10:00

Hi !

Letzten Freitag wurde FPDI 1.3 released.

Der Changlog sieht wie folgt aus:

Code: Alles auswählen

- Fixed decompression of streams
- Optimized LZW decompression
- Changed handling of rotated pages
- Removed FPDI::_putresources() and switched the code to the end of
- Added FPDI::_straightOut()-method to avoid problems related to
    changes in TCPDF
- Fixed output of very small float values.
- Recreate compatibility with TCPDF (4.5.022)
- Updated fpdi2tcpdf_bridge.php
- Updated pdf_context.php to support strings instead of only files
- Changed %f to %F in all needed sprintf()-calls to be non-locale
    aware (As of now, like for FPDF, PHP 4.3.10 is required)
- Removed wrapper_functions.php
- Fix in PDF parser for unbalanced dictionary entries
- Optimized handling of PDF comments
- PDF parser parses tokens of type "null"

- New Feature: Automatically adjust the page size to the imported
    page (new parameter in FPDI::useTemplate()-method)

Viel Spaß damit und schönen Gruß
FPDI 1.4 released

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